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CornerSimon Hall - Multidisciplinary Science Building
Simon Hall wins high honors in architecture competition

Simon Hall

Simon Hall is Indiana University's newest flagship research building. The completion of construction and occupancy occurred in the fall of 2007. This building has an interdisciplinary science theme - housing faculty from many different scientific disciplines that have overlapping interests. Designed to encourage interdisciplinary study in structural biology, biochemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, biophysics, nanobiology/nanofabrication, biocomplexity, microbial biochemistry, and molecular virology, the facility redefines boundaries and broadens scientific advancement.

In addition to over 220 researchers, the building houses several instrumentation facilities such as the DNA sequencing facility, NMR facility, Nanofabrication facility, Cryo-electron microscopy facility, and Physical Biochemistry Instrumentation Facility.

"This New Building is a dynamic monument to the grand possibilities of interdisciplinary science."

- Michael A. McRobbie, Former Indiana University President