Indiana University Bloomington
CornerSimon Hall - Multidisciplinary Science Building

Welcome to Simon Hall!

Building Manager:

The building manager is John Morrow. His office is in Simon Hall 003C.
Phone: 856-4937 between 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. M-F
Building Services for water leaks if John is gone: 855-3122
Physical Plant for building issues (hoods, etc.) if John is gone: 855-8728

Building Security:

The building is on lockdown after working hours (defined as 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday). Outside of these hours, you will need to use your IU ID in order to gain access into the building. In order to be granted access, please stop by SI 003 with your ID and we will enter it into the system. If your ID card has been updated, we will need to update your profile in the system.

Additionally, you may need a physical key to access certain labs, please fill out this form. Please have your ID ready in order to obtain the key and/or keys you are requesting.

Please note that the north door closest to Chemistry has not worked correctly consistently since the building opened. If that door will not grant entry, then please try another door.

Support Office:

Our office is open from 8:00-12:00 p.m. and 1:00-4:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted (we are closed from 12:00-1:00 p.m. for lunch). Please note that due to staff shortages, it may be necessary to close the office for unforeseen circumstances periodically.
Simon Hall Room 003 offers the following services:

1)    Scanning to pdf - The scanner/fax machine can scan documents to pdf and send it through email at no charge.

2)    Faxing - We can receive faxes for you and put them in your mailbox. Our fax number is (812) 856-5710. If you are planning on sending a fax long distance, you will need your departmental long distance code.

3)    Outgoing mail (stamped or non-stamped) and campus mail - There are trays on the shelves immediately on your left as you walk in the door. Mail is taken over to Jordan Hall at10:00am and 2:00 p.m.

4)    Keys (for labs, offices, and mailboxes are issued in this office). Lab drawer keys are ordered by each lab from the Lock Shop (5-1786) and are to be ordered and kept internally by each individual lab. Key card access is also issued in this office, but must be approved either by your P.I. or a specified faculty member.

5)   Laptop/projector reservations - There is a Windows laptop available for reservation. This laptop is only to be used for presentations and not for lab work and must be reserved ahead of time by contacting our office, Also, please note that there are plasma screens in each conference room, which eliminate the need for a projector. The exception to this is SI 001. We also have red and green laser pointers available for check out. Classes in SI 001 have priority use of these items.

6)    Conference room reservations - We have three small conference rooms available (SI 030, SI 216A, & SI 320E) which seat roughly 10 to 12 people.

In addition, our seminar room (SI 001) seats 50 people and classes have priority over lab meetings or other reservations.

Please email to request your reservation. Reservation requests are prioritized with first consideration given to those within the sciences who have necessary use and access of Simon Hall MSB1.

Reservations can only be made by contacting the business office via

Google calendars for conference rooms

Conference rooms 030, 216A, and 320E have plasma screens and telephones.


We utilize a listserv to update everyone in the building of any issues that may arise, such as building maintenance/repairs or building announcements. You will automatically be added to this listserv when you check out a key.

Lost and found:

We have a lost and found box in SI 003.

US and Campus Mail:

U.S. and Campus mail is picked up around 2:00 p.m. and put in mailboxes. You are welcome to bring your used campus mail envelopes (goldenrod color) to SI 003 and we will reuse them.

Our mailing address is:
Simon Hall MSB1
212 S. Hawthorne Drive
Bloomington, IN  47405-7003

It is very important to put the “MSB1” on the address. We are frequently mistaken for Simon Hall Music Center with an incorrect mailing label.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are keeping your mailbox in your home department (i.e., Chemistry, Biology Building), please continue to address all correspondence from that address. Once you change your physical address in the University system, you will start to receive mail here and you will not have a corresponding mailbox. It would be most convenient for our staff that your mail go to the mailbox where it is physically located.


Package(s) to be delivered via FedEx must be outside the Biology Building 142 office before 2:30pm (Monday-Friday), or it will go out the following business day. Please contact to get the FedFex request form to be filled out. We will make the FedEx label & email it back for you to print out. We have dry ice stickers & label holders in Simon Hall 003.

Please fill out the fillable FEDEX FORM (pdf) and email it to (An additional form for international shipments is needed please fill out this fillable form (pdf) INTERNATIONAL FEDEX

Common Areas:

We have two common areas in this building. There is a lounge-type area with tables, refrigerator, microwave, etc. on the south side of the third floor on the west end (by the freight elevators). This area also has Coke and vending machines.

The second common area is the Simon Hall Conference Room balcony, located on the east end of the building on the first floor. Please be responsible and take care of your trash, etc.


  • You must get permission to hang up any fliers in the building from the Simon Hall Business Office (SI 003).
    • Please do not tape anything directly to the painted walls in the hallway or in your lab.
    • Please do not tape anything to the windows or the glass on the doors.
    • Please do not staple or tape anything to the bulletin boards.
  • There are paper and plastic/can recycling bins throughout building.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance!